29 Week Pregnancy Update

This whole pregnancy has gone by soooo fast, but at the same time it has felt like an eternity so far!


I continue to have crazy, realistic dreams. Some this week have included Brendon going to the hospital and getting baby girl without me and being asked to work in the nursery at church for the next 5 years!

Heartburn/Reflux has come in full this week. It is the worst around midnight, so a few hours after I go to bed. Other things that make it worse for me include: taco seasoning (and other spice heavy foods), eating too much (even if it was a normal amount before pregnancy), and swimming. I’ve tried taking Tums right before going to bed and that has helped so far, as well as my awesome foam wedge for sleeping that I got off Amazon.

Swollen hands and feet. I’ve been trying to be good at exercising, but lately when I am doing my 30-min walk around the track my hands get so swollen if I let my arms hang by my side. So to make it better I have to walk with my arms bent like a speed-walker. It’s a little weird, but helps!


At the beginning of my pregnancy, my husband thought he had lost the real me because I didn’t ever want sweets. However, I feel more like myself these days as that sweet tooth has kicked back in. Brownies, chocolate, and ice cream sound the best. I’ve tried to instead eat yogurt or suck on a sweet candy so that I don’t end up eating myself away in sugary treats 😀

What I’ve Been Up To:

Since I just graduated, I’ve had so much free time, which has been great! This last week I’ve taken on the task of organizing all the baby stuff we have so far. See my post on having a newborn in a small space for details!

I’ve finally started studying and registering for the NCLEX now that transcripts have been finalized. It feels like it’s getting a lot closer, and I am way excited to finally be able to call myself a Registered Nurse!

What Baby is Up To:

Baby girl continues to be her normal, active self. This week I tried out the kick counter toll on an app on my phone. I had to poke and prod baby to get her to kick 10 times, but as soon as I stopped counting, she wouldn’t stop wiggling around! Just shows that she already doesn’t want to be told what to do…


Well, that’s about it this week. Things aren’t too crazy for me right now and I am feeling pretty energized. I’m just can’t wait to meet our little girl!


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